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Smart phones and tablets served as a corner stone in the efforts to use technology in education, thanks to the touch screens, presenting interactive applications to the preschool children in harmony with their abilities was feasible. Thus, it is now possible to present stand-alone environments to support individual’s development by visual, auditory, mechanical interactions, to reinforce established abilities, to promote doabilities to the next level by rich stimulus. By prize mechanisms aiming to increase motivation, learning stages can be supported by rich and entertaining content.

We want to use technology for preschool education period so that we;

- contribute to development and education of children,

- elicit correct usage of mobile devices by children,

- inform families on their children’s doabilities.

We want to share with you the know-how behind this effort in i0-6 site. Why we do what we do, how we think, what we consider? We are putting down in writing the things we have lived through, read, thought of, thought we have figured by our thinking, and our assumptions even we have not figured out the resource of. In this respect we have started to create the content of i0-6 site, which stands as one of sites of iDivino, namely the Knowledge Base.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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